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Welcome To The Kingdom

Welcome To The Kingdom

Welcome To The KingdomWelcome To The Kingdom

Read The Following scriptures


Read the Following Scriptures and then answer the questions. Circle the correct answer.

1. Read Matthew 3:13-17. What happened when Jesus was baptized?

a. John refused to baptize Jesus because he was too old.

b. The spirit came down on him like a dove and a voice spoke from heaven saying, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.”

c. The Spirit came down from heaven and said, “Follow this Man”.

2. Read Acts 2:40-42. Who was baptized after Peter’s preaching?

a. Only Pastors

b. Only adults

c. Everyone who believed what he said.

d. All of the above

3. Read Matthew 28:18-20. Why should you be baptized?

a. Because your parents encourage you to.

b. My friends all want me to do it.

c. To follow Jesus command in the Bible.

Questions Continued….

4. Read Romans 10:9-10; Colossians 2:11-12. Does the act of water baptism alone save you?

a. Yes

b. No, baptism shows the people around us what has changed in our hearts.

c. Baptism saves you, salvation makes you feel good.

5. Read Matthew 3:16; Acts 8:36-38. Why do we baptize by immersing (dipping or dunking) in water?

a. Immersion and sprinkling are the same thing.

b. The Bible gives clear examples of Jesus and other believers being baptized by immersing in water.

c. Immersion makes sure you get wet all over.

One thing to bear in mind……..

Water does not save you, only the blood of Jesus can!

Baby Dedication



Baby Dedication Questions and Vows

Do you profess Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your lives?

Do you come to dedicate yourselves to biblical instruction, discipline, and love of this child?

Do you dedicate your child into the ultimate control and will of God through the Lord Jesus Christ?

Realizing that no one is perfect, but we are striving towards perfection, will you do your best to be a role model of obedience and control for God’s purpose? 

When they are old enough will you strive to lead them into making their own decision of following Jesus Christ? 


If you desire to be baptized or have your child dedicated please go to our Contact Us Page

and send us your request. Thank you