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Welcome To The Kingdom

Welcome To The Kingdom

Welcome To The KingdomWelcome To The Kingdom

Our CHurch history


Our History

King of Kings Missionary Baptist Church CHURCH  HISTORY Updated:  October 20, 2019 It started as a vision of one man, Jesse B. Daniels!  He gathered a group of 12 believers who shared his vision, and in October 1980, King of Kings Non-Denominational Church was established.  They adopted a Church Covenant and Church Bylaws, and installed their elected and appointed officers.   The first service was held in the Daniels’ home at 702 SE 23rd St. Ct. on November 2, 1980.   

The First Church Building:  They purchased the Stone Church located at 619 SE 15th Street under the leadership of Pastor Jesse B. Daniels. 

The New Sanctuary Building was built in 1988 and dedicated on November 27, 1988.  The stone building became the Fellowship Hall.    A Church Organ was purchased by Pastor Vaughn Hawkins while he was Pastor. On October 16, 2005, on the church’s 25th Anniversary, the Church celebrated the burning of their mortgage, and the completion of their Fellowship Hall Renovation project, which was completed on time and paid in full under the leadership of Pastor Irvin Lewis, Sr.  Under the Leadership of Pastor Jordan Rabon, many renovations have been done in the sanctuary including audio/visual equipment with two 80 inch screens, and video in the Fellowship Hall.  Also, the kitchen in the Fellowship Hall has been completely remodeled.  And, the Pastor’s vision of a Blessing Box to serve the homeless now stands in front of the Fellowship Hall serving and blessing the hungry and those in need. 

Our Pastoral History: 

First Pastor: Rev. Jesse B. Daniels and First Lady Francis T. Daniels      October 1980 – January 1994    Passed Feb. 1998 

Second Pastor: Rev. William S. Heath and First Lady Doloris Heath      Jan. 1994 – Mar. 1995      Passed Oct. 1999 

Third Pastor: Rev. Vaughn E. Hawkins and First Lady Claudia Hawkins     Mar. 1995 – June 2000      Passed Feb. 2013 

Fourth Pastor: Rev. Irvin Lewis, Sr. and First Lady Linda Carter-Lewis     Sept. 2000 – July 2010    Passed July 2010 

Fifth Pastor: Rev. Harold Davis, Jr. and First Lady Valerie Davis     Sept. 2010 – He became Interim Pastor.   On April 17, 2011 – He was  Installed and Consecrated and served until he passed on Dec. 7, 2013   From Dec. 2013 until Oct. 2014, Deacon Asberry Oakley, Chairman of the Deacon Board, lead the pastoral search committee and the pulpit was supplied by our Associate Ministers and guest ministers. 

Sixth Pastor: Jordan P. Rabon and First Lady Minister Jessica Rabon Oct. 5, 2014 – He became Pastor Elect Feb. 8, 2015 – Pastor Jordan P. Rabon was installed as the Sixth Pastor of King of Kings M. B. Church. Charter Members:  Rev. Jesse B. Daniels, Deacon Asberry Oakley, Jr., Deacon William Headspeath, Deacon Glen Sayles, Deaconess Clara Oakley, Deaconess Darlene Sayles, Mother Alma Jackman, Mother Eula Woodley, Sister Francis Daniels, Sister Virginia Taylor, Brother Oler Jackman, and Sister Ione Kelly.  Brother Robert White missed being a charter member by one week and is still an active member today. Church Name:   Started as King of Kings Non-Denominational Church, then in February 1994, King of Kings Baptist Church and in April 1996, it was changed to King of Kings Missionary Baptist Church.